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About Me

name: hary
age: 21
birthday: march 13
gender: cis girl (she/her)

i've been on twitter since 2014! i rarely if ever talk on twitter, unless it's to reply to my friends' tweets. you can usually find me lurking silently and retweeting a lot of tweets.


school idol tomodachi
cinderella producers

Dont Follow If

typical dfi criteria: you’re racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc
you believe in reverse racism and/or heterophobia
you defend pedophiles and/or incest
youre a terf/radfem
youre into the ddlg/daddy kink
you ship real people


love live! idolmaster cinderella girls sonic the hedgehog aikatsu! jojo's bizarre adventure transformers monster high ever after high bratz dragon ball y2k & mcbling aesthetics cute aesthetics dark/edgy/emo/scene aesthetics fashion

Favorite Characters


Pop Music Faves
kesha lady gaga rihanna babymetal daft punk ladybaby

Favorite Kpop Groups
shinee wjsn loona gfriend oh my girl momoland dreamcatcher girls generation red velvet t-ara